Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

Project director : Catherine Jami (SPHERE); Jean-Pierre Dedieu (LARHRA)

The ICCM Database

The ICCM Database  (a database developed as part of the ICCM project ICCM) online offers the possibility of querying the database through two different but complementary tools: in SQL format with hyperlink navigation across entities (people, cultural objects, institutions, places, etc.) through preformatted reports, and using FileMaker online to access all source data.

The SQL query system is under construction. According to current plans (October 2012), you will be able to access tables of people, cultural objects (including books and technological artefacts), corporate entities, places and related information (such dates of birth and death, dates of publication, dates of establishment, latitude and longitude), and to retrieve information on any of the indexed items. A series of tools for performing more elaborate queries will be progressively made available.

Before querying the database, please click here to understand its basic structure.

To learn more about querying the ICCM Database in SQL, click here .

To learn more about querying The ICCM Database in FileMaker, please revisit this page at a later date. 

Statistical data

As of 3 October 2012, the online database contains 3327 records:

  • 695 persons. Each person may be identified by a number of different versions of his or her name.
  • 900 cultural objects. Cultural objects here include books, essays, memorials, instruments, architectural and other artefacts, etc.
  • 106 corporate entities. Corporate entities here include government organisations, religious groups, armies, defined population groupings, etc.
  • More than 200 places. Each place may be identified by a number of different versions of its name.

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