Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

Project director : Catherine Jami (SPHERE); Jean-Pierre Dedieu (LARHRA)

About the ICCM Database online

The ICCM Database is a database on knowledge relevant to science, technology and medicine in China (16th to 20th century) in a global perspective. It allows the collection of data drawn from sources of different nature, in Chinese and other East Asian languages as well as in European languages that provide information on the production and circulation of knowledge relevant to science, technology and medicine.

Information is stored as a list of (as much as possible) chronologically ordered and (as much as possible) geo-referenced events (or actions) that bring into play at least one actor. There are three kinds of actors: people, corporate entities and cultural objects. Actors and places are given an identification code. This enables us to identify actors and places while transcribing the spelling of names as found in the sources.

Given the variety of languages used in our sources, and our wish to make this database accessible more broadly than just to specialists of East Asia, East Asian names and terms can be sought in romanization  (pinyin for Chinese, Hepburn for Japanese, McCune-Reischauer or Revised Romanization for Korean) as well as the language and script in which they are found in sources.

The ICCM Database has been created within a three-year programme funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche  (December 2009-December 2012). It has been developed using the Fichoz System (© CNRS), with the help of Jean-Pierre Dedieu (LARHRA, CNRS, Lyon). The ICCM Database was developed using FileMaker as software. The database presently available online is a very simplified version of it.

We are presently developing a Geographical Information System which will allow for cartographic representations of the geo-referenced information in the database.

For further information, please contact the ICCM project principal investigator Catherine Jami

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