Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

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NameWuzhou 梧州 (Guangxi)
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Birth in Changzhou 長洲, Wuzhou 梧州


Goes back to Wuzhou 梧州 and installs at Shuijie 水街 after the defeat of Wu Sangui 吳三桂


Is student recommended 歲貢生


Builds the Xiuming school 修明書院 in Changzhouwei 長洲尾 (present Zhuwancun 竹灣村)


Builds the Xiuming philanthropic school 修明義學 in Wuzhou town


Builds the Nanyi philanthropic ferry 南義渡 on the Xijiang river 西江


Restores the preventive granary Mingbei 明備倉


Builds the Xiuming philanthropic school 修明義學 in Siwucun 思務村, Guangaixiang 冠蓋鄉

1736=00=00Li Shirui 李世瑞Cang wu xian zhi 蒼梧縣誌

Collects sources and edits the gazetteer of Cangwu xian (4 vol.)

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Shi ji kao lüe tu 世紀考略圖

Writes Shi ji kao lüe tu 世紀考略圖

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Di li yu tu 地理輿圖

Writes Di li yu tu 地理輿圖

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Ji tian wen 記天文

Writes Ji tian wen 記天文

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Shi wen 詩文

Writes Shi wen 詩文

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Ji yan yi an 集驗醫案

Writes Ji yan yi an 集驗醫案

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Li Zhao 李沼

Is father of Li Zhao 李沼

1737<00<00Li Shirui 李世瑞Li Zhaotong 李朝桐

Grandfather of Li Zhaotong 李朝桐


Death in Wuzhou


Is general prefect of the province Guangdong and Guangxi 兩廣總督

1786-00-00Li Zhaotong 李朝桐Li Shiyao 李侍堯

Is friend of Li Shiyao 李侍堯

1786-00-00Li Guanglie 李光烈Li Bailing 李百齡

Grandfather of Li Bailing 李百齡

1786=00=00Li Zhaotong 李朝桐Li Guangbing 李光炳

Is father of Li Guangbing 李光炳

1786=00=00Li Zhaotong 李朝桐Li Guanglie 李光烈

Is father of Li Guanglie 李光烈


Birth in Gujiaochang cun 古教場村, Wuzhou 梧州


Is student recommended 貢生

1830=00=00Li Sui 李璲Li Bailing 李百齡

Is the third son of Li Bailing 李百齡


Birth in Wuzhou

1849-00-00Li Xiu 李琇Li Bailing 李百齡

Is the eldest son of Li Bailing 李百齡

1849=00=00Li Jin 李璡Li Bailing 李百齡

Is the second son of Li Bailing 李百齡


Provincial graduate and admission the first 解元

1874=00=00Li Jin 李璡Cang wu xian zhi 蒼梧縣誌

Co-editor of Cang wu xian zhi 蒼梧縣誌

1899<00<00Li Sui 李璲Bai he shan fang shi chao 白鶴山房詩鈔

Writes Bai he shan fang shi chao 白鶴山房詩鈔

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