Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

Project director : Catherine Jami (SPHERE); Jean-Pierre Dedieu (LARHRA)

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Nanshicao cun 南石槽村 (Shunyi qu 順義區, Beijing)
D3239519Xinghua 興化 (Jiangsu)
00000059Sheffield (United Kingdom)
A0040670Brussels (Belgium)
A0050983Antwerp (Belgium)
A0057358Ixelles (Belgium)
A0065299Charleroi (Belgium)
A0078788 El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain
A0078788El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain
A0122040Verdun (France)
A0136956 Pamiers (France)
A0137148Sables d'Olonne (France)
A0140266Lorient (France)
A0165092Rebecq (Belgium)
A0171773Rennes (France)
A0180923Bordeaux (France)
A0184270Ruelle sur Touvre (Charente)
A0185589Paris (France)
A0193167Bastia (France)
A0195826Saint-Enogat (France)
A0198999La Rochelle, France
A0203812Douai (Spanish Netherlands)
A0206826Angoulême (France)
A0210797Marseille (France)
A0211340Limoges (France)
A0219582Lecce, Naples (Italy)
A0230244Venice (Italy)
A0231246Milano (Italy)
A0236617Rome (Italy)
A0236722Sarzana (Italy)
A0239394Pavia (Italy)
A0241721Trento (Italy)
A0243239Arona (Italy)
A0249621Genoa (Italy)
A0354669Coimbra (Portugal)
A0358873Evora (Portugal)
A0360085Lisbon (Portugal)
A0392354Sheffield (United Kingdom)
A0451987Vienna (Austria)
A0620777Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
A0647605Frankfurt (Germany)
A0648541Augsburg (Germany)
A0652839Munich (Germany)
A0654439Cologne (Germany)
A0743522Hamburg (Germany)
A0912818Bergen (Norway)
A1127514Prague (Bohemia)
A1148522Cracow (Poland)
A1420287Lwow (Ukraine)
A1965275Hôpital Bichat (Paris)
A1965276Hôpital Saint-Louis (Paris)
A1965278Hôpital Hahnemann (Neuilly sur Seine)
A1965279Hôpital Foch (Suresnes)
A1965280Hôpital Saint-Jacques (Paris)
A19652819 bis bd d'Argenson (Neuilly sur Seine, France)
A19652828 avenue Franklin Roosevelt (Paris)
574 results (1/10 pages)     12345678910       
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