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NameBishu shanzhuang 避暑山莊, Jehol 熱河 (Hebei)
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1662<<1722KangxiImperial rice 御稻米

Kangxi discusses the imperial rice grown in various locations, including the Summer Villa in Jehol in Ji xia ge wu bian 31_04

1703<<1722Kangxi EmperorKangxi Emperor

Kangxi has white millet planted at Bi shu shan zhuang 避暑山莊

1703<<1722KangxiQindahan 秦達罕 hare

QIndahai hares are now bred at the Jehol Villa, where they breed like in their native environment.

1703<<1722KangxiYing'e 櫻額

Kangxi mentions ying'e, which is now grown in the Imperial Villa in Jehol, in Ji xia ge wu bian.

1703<<1722KangxiClassics, Histories and books on nature and principles 經史性理諸書

Kangxi reads the Classics, the Histories and books on nature 經史性理諸書 and principles during his time of leisure at the Imperial Villa, in Jehol.

1712=00=00Minggantu 明安圖Kangxi

Minggantu is in the retinue of Kangxi going to Chengde

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