Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

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NameHanhai 瀚海 (China)
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1662<<1722KangxiChake 查克 (tree)

Kangxi describes the chake tree, often found in the Hanhai (Gobi Desert) region

1662<<1722KangxiShells 螺蚌

Kangxi mentions shells frequently found in the Hanhai desert, as evidence that it was once covered in water, in Ji xia ge wu bian


Kangxi mentions mirages 海市 that can be seen in the spring and autumn in the Hanhai desert.

1690<<1697KangxiAgates found in the Gobi Desert 瀚海石子

Kangxi picked up stones in the Gobi Desert during the campaign against the Oirats.

1718=08=17KangxiThunder wedges 雷楔

Kangxi discusses the "thunder wedges" found in the Hanhai, comparing them to thos found in the Shengjing & Ula regions.

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