Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

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NameHami region 哈密地方 (Xinjiang)
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1662<<1722KangxiGrapes 葡萄

Kangxi praises grapes from the Hami region in Ji xia ge wu bian

1662<<1722Kangxi EmperorIrrigation by melted snow

Description of irrigation by melted snow as done in the Hami region

1662<<1722Hami Muslims 哈密回子Kangxi

Muslims from Hami present all kinds of grapes to the Kangxi Emperor

1690<<1722KangxiHami melons 哈密瓜

Description of Hami melons in Ji xia ge wu bian; they can be eaten fresh or dried in the sun.

1690<<1722Hami 哈密 peopleKangxi

Hami people present Hami melons every year as tribute since their submission


Is official at Hami 哈密


Moves to Hami 哈密 with Zuo Zongtang 左宗棠 as officer of the logistics management for the defense in Xingjiang


Cures soldiers' diphtheria 白喉

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