Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

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NameJiangnan 江南 (China)
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1662<<1722KangxiJiangnan trees and cereals

Mention of Jiangnan trees and cereals: they come out earlier than in the North, but are ripe at the same time as they take longer to ripen.

1662<<1722KangxiKorean paper

Kangxi describes how Korean paper is pounded in Jiangnan in Ji xia ge wu bian 28_12

1662<<1722Kangxi EmperorPupan 普盤/ mumei 木莓 / shemei 蛇莓 (brambles?)

Kangxi discusses the various names of mumei 木莓 (Rubus swinhoei), which are called shemei 蛇莓 by Jiangnan people.

1662<<1722Kangxi EmperorLiquidambar 梌樹

Kangxi identifies liquidambars 梌樹 in the North and maple trees 楓樹 in the South in Ji xia ge wu bian 30_04

1662<<1722KangxiImperial rice 御稻米

Kangxi discusses the imperial rice which does not grow well in Zhejiang and Jiangsu in Ji xia ge wu bian 31_04

1662<<1722KangxiBears 熊

Kangxi interprets hibernation of bears as a form of fasting, during which one feeds on qi 氣 in Ji xia ge wu bian 31_05

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