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NameHeilongjiang 黑龍江 (China)
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1662<<1722KangxiWheat grown in Heilongjiang 黑龍江麥

Kangxi mentions the wheat grown in the Heilongjiang region in the Ji xia ge wu bian

1662<<1722KangxiWoji 窩集 forest

Description of woji 窩集 in the Ji xia ge wu bian 幾暇格物編

1662<<1722Hezhenfeiyaka 赫真飛雅喀 (or Hezhe 赫哲) peopleDogs 犬 bred by the Hezhenfeiyaka 赫真飛雅喀

The Nanaï/Hezhe (also called 魚皮躂子) use dogs for transport.

1662<<1722Envoy to Far North-easter regionKangxi Emperor

An envoy to the North-Eastern region confirms the loyalty of the savages 野人 who live there.


The Nanaï/Hezhe (also called 魚皮躂子) eat fish and make clothes with fish skin.


The Orotch eat fish and make clothes with fish skin.

1662<<1722Eluochunqileng 鄂羅春其稜 (or Elunchun 鄂倫春; Orotch)Deer 鹿 bred by the Eluochunqileng 鄂羅春其稜

The Orotch use deer for transport.

1662<<1722KangxiIce several feet thick

Mention of thick ice to the North of Heilongjiang.

1662<<1722KangxiDafaha fish 達發哈魚

Mention of Dafaha fish 達發哈魚, found in Heilongjiang and Ningguta in Ji xia ge wu bian


Mention of territories to the North of Heilongjiang where night never becomes completely dark, and the sun rises again one hour after having set.

1662<<1722KangxiFish turning into reindeers

Kangxi mentions fish turning into deer in Heilongjiang

1662<<1722KangxiYing'e 櫻額 or chouli 稠梨 or chuli 楮李

Kangxi mentions ying'e, which grows in the Ula and Shengjing regions


Travels in Heilongjiang 黑龍江

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