Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

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NameHuizi difang 回子地方 (or Xinjiang)
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DateMain actorOther actorAction
1662<<1722KangxiRock salt 石鹽

Mention of the rock salt produced in Muslim Territories 回子地方 (white one and red one have different properties).

1662<<1722KangxiSilk produced in Muslim Territories 回子地產絲

Kangxi describes the silk produced in Northwestern Muslim Territories, superior to Zhejiang silk for padding, in Ji xia ge wu bian 28_02

1662<<1722KangxiMuslims in the North-West 西北回子

Kangxi states that many of the North-West Muslims are descendants of the Yuan.

1662<<1722KangxiFlying foxes 飛狐

Kangxi mentions flying foxes as living in the North-West in Ji xia ge wu bian 28_13.

1690<<1722Imperial Guard(s)Kangxi Emperor

Imperial guards explore Tsewang Rabdan's territory


Imperial guards observe wheat ears turning into mosquitoes


Kangxi mentions the great strength of earthquakes in the North-West in Ji xia ge wu bian 30_12

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