Individual itineraries and the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge in East Asia (16th–20th centuries)

Project director : Catherine Jami (SPHERE); Jean-Pierre Dedieu (LARHRA)

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00000366A Tang Princess
0009946LAcupuncture et Médecine chinoise vérifiées au Japon
00000006Adam Schall von Bell, Johann [alias] Tang Ruowang 湯若望
00000346Adawuding 阿答兀丁
00000340Aduci 阿都刺
0009085LAgates found in the Gobi Desert 瀚海石子
0010000LAi jin xing quan 哀矜行詮
00000194Aina jushi 艾衲居士
0009026LAlan 阿濫 (alantui 阿濫堆) birds
0009546LAncient city of Guazhou 瓜州
0009098LAnshan Coke oven battery no. 1
0000109CAnshan Steel Works 鞍山製鉄所
0000001CAnti-jesuit officials
00000020Archduke of Tuscany
0000071CArmement Lorient
0009759LArte de Lengua Mandarina
0009590LArtefacts from the Tang period
0000082CArtilleries des Cotes Bizerte
00003304Asitan 阿什壇
0000036CAssociation Française d'Acupuncture
0000152CAuthors and editors of the Ming shi 明史
0000150CAuthors of Ming shi ji 明史記
0000153CAuthors of the Calendar Treatise (Li zhi 曆志) in the Ming shi 明史
0000102CAuthors of Yuan rong jiao yi 圜容較義
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